During recent years photography has become one of my biggest passions, allowing me to communicate through images the life experiences that I have had. In this blog I will share with you moments, trips and learnings, that I have lived as time passed, and also those that are still to come, accompanied of course by photographs.

Since I was a child, living in Santiago, I used to look at the mountain from the city, and then just say to people around, “Hey! Look how amazing it is!” or something like that. The same happened to me with nature

in general. Photography has enabled me to show things that have caught my attention to a bigger audience. It is a great pleasure for me to see how different people react when I show them a photograph, some manifest surprise or amazement; some ask me where it was taken or how did I get there, and others ask how it was made. Those reactions have been part of the things that motivated me to transmit what I do.

Photographing has always been fun to me, I enjoy looking and paying attention to what surrounds me, trying to find the next photograph, is like a game. Sometimes it´s necessary to plan the shot, other times I have to be ahead of the events, or simply react to what is happening in front of me, being creative and using the knowledge I have acquired as time goes by. I do all of theses things while living in the moment, sharing with the people that I´m with, and giving myself the time to see things with my own eyes.

Hope you enjoy what I´ll be writing and thanks for reading!​

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