La Quirilluca: A victory for conservation.

During the first days of december a new victory for environment conservation occurred in Chile. It is something that makes me very happy because it happened at a place that I had the chance to know and visit in two occasions.

The area of La Quirilluca along with its coastal cliffs, located in the communes of Puchuncaví and Quinteros, in Valparaíso region, is home for a reproductive colony of peruvian booby (Sula variegata, or localy named as “piquero”), it is the only place where these birds nest in all of Chile´s continental central coast. Besides the peruvian booby different species of flora and fauna are part of this rich ecosystem that exist where the sea and the land meet, one the most important is the coastal population of “Belloto del Norte” (Beilschmiedia miersii), which is an endemic tree of central Chile, has a vulnerable conservation status, and was declared Natural Monument.

This site was under threat by a real estate project looking forward to build 450 houses, this could affect the ecosystem but also the Peruvian booby colony, which are very susceptive to the environment conditions while they nest. But during the first days of december the Environment Evaluation System rejected the project, because it didn´t fulfill the sanitary conditions required, and because it didn´t guaranteed the protection of the peruvian booby continental colony. All of this happened thanks to the committed work of Chinchimén Ecologic Action Group (Grupo de Acción Ecológica Chinchimén), and other people who were interested in defending the place, who all together worked for 10 years, giving their time and effort to protect La Quirilluca.

This is an example that inspires to act for nature conservation, that show us that hard work has its rewards, that is possible to generate changes, working together and helping with anything that each of us has to contribute to the cause, being part of the solution of the problems that affect the environment, not only of our country, but also of the planet we live in.

I hope that through the following photographs you can also get to know this marvelous place that is necessary to protect.

A cliff full of nesting peruvian boobys.

Peruvian boobys nesting on a cliff. They look for high places to find protectiont against predators.

Detail of peruvian boobys (Sula variegata).

A peruvian booby coming back to its place on the cliff.

A male long-tailed Meadowlark (Sturnella loica), Another inhabitat of Quirilluca.

A kelp gull (Larus dominucanus) starting it flight.

Black vulture portrait (Coragyps atratus).

The beach can be a perfect place to find calm.

A view looking south to part of the La Quirilluca cliffs.

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